Smart Glass Film Powered Off
Smart Glass Film Powered On

Smart Glass Switchable Electrochromic, Dimmable & even Blackout Film

Retrofit-able Self Adhesive & Self Cling Smart Film

from £799 psqm

Smart Tint® is private frosted opaque when powered off andtransparent clear when powered on.

10 Yrs experience in smart glass. Providing you with the Best solution to meet your specific needs. SmartTint & IG Intelligent Glass UK Authorised dealer

Smart Tint® is easily installed on any new or existing glass surface, offering durable privacy on demand, extreme clarity and maximum

performance with the click of a button.

Smart Tint® is the next generation in switchable privacy glass! Dim it, Project onto it, Stick It, Hang it, use it as a white board, High Tech Window Treatment and More....

SmartTint® is a proprietary electronic switchable glass window film that can be used as a stand alone window treatment covering or


SmartTint® Film can be Wi-Fi enabled instantly switching windows

from opaque to clear in less than a second.

You can turn SmartTint® Film “on” for see-through windows and “off” for private opaque windows from any smart phone or internet web browser with no software required using our hardware network device.

Great for controlling the temperature of your summer home via sunlight or setting a room’s privacy instantly. SmartTint® is easy to install and affordable, and doubles as a projection screen , digital blind , uv blocker , temperature control , privacy shield, limitless applications...

Our super clean Smart Tint is available in 7 colours with easy to install Smart Cling Technology including opaque private White, Black, Grey, Salmon Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue.

Easy to clean, durable and WIFI capable! Our smart glass film is the thickness of a credit card and is of Grade A quality providing the absolute best clarity when energized and maximum privacy in its natural state.

SmartTint® offers proprietary SmartCling™ easy to install technology.