Bio Climatic Aluminium Contempoary Modern Anthracite Grey Adjustable Louvered Pergola, by Renson, Brustor & Solisysteme

Specially designed to protect the building from the sun’s energy and to achieve an optimal indoor climate.

Structural sun protection and screens helps to avoid overheating by making sure the unwanted heat does not get inside.

This can save a lot of money on cooling and airconditioning during the summer and in the winter can be controlled to let in the optimum amount of light whilst reducing glare.

Depending on the type of fabric selected different degrees of heat-resistance are achievable.

Fixscreen blocks the sunrays before they come into contact with glass surfaces. There is no chance of blinding or unpleasant glare. And you still maintain visual contact with the environment outside. The outdoor view is important and we respect that.

Depending on the type of fabric selected, different degrees of translucence are available.

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