QMotion UK Smartphone

Application “App” Features:

Control QMotion UK shades with iOSdevices - Android devices coming soon

Virtual Shade: Drag your finger to place the shade to the desired positions

Connects automatically to Wifi* and Bridge. “Plug and Play”

Channel System to name, take and set referencephoto to group shades

Step by Step setup for learning,setting lower limit, and deleting shades

Control nearly 500 shades or groups from each Qsync TCP/IP to 433Mhz bridge* (Automatic Wifi Connection not available on iOS)

QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems specialise in providing wireless window covering solutions for the home. Whereas traditional motorised window coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240v wiring power wiring for the blind motor the QMotion UK solution requires no wiring at all.

Now for the first time the user has the ability to install a fully functional quiet motorised roller system that provides a wireless system operated via remote control or by their smart phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their shades individually, by room, by elevation, by floor and all at the same time.

Other operating controls available are a timer remote function that allows the user up to six events per day that will move the shades

automatically for sunset and sunrise and in addition four chronological settings. The user therefore has no need to worry that whilst they are either out or away from their home the shades will continue to operate providing glare and heat gain control whilst at the same time offer a level of privacy and security.

With unique inbuilt technology, the QMotion UK shade also provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade manually for raising and lowering the shade with out the need for a remote control. By simply tugging the bottom bar you can lower the shade or send the shade back up to either its last pre-set position or indeed to a fully raised position, bringing a new level of convenience to shade controls.

QMotion UK shades power source is provided by standard readily available alkaline D cell batteries. Due to the special counter balancing spring’s installed within the Roller tube itself the batteries provide up to 5 years usage based on an average 4 daily fully raise/fully lower movement changes.

Easy Battery Replacement

By placing the access port for the readily available alkaline D cell batteries in the shade tube wall, you can now change the batteries

without having to remove the shade from the brackets.