Quite happy with your existing roller blinds, but just want to automate them, then why not re-use the fabric with this Battery Motorised Roller Blind Kit!

This top of the range Roller Blind kit which includes everything you need to convert your existing roller blind:

- Louvolite system 40mm dia alloy tube, just take the fabric and weight bar from your existing roller blind, usually held on with re-usable sticky tape or plastic inset holding strip.

- Powerful and fast market leading Somfy Roll Up Wire Free 12v battery motor, mounted within the blind tube. Will raise and lower and set your favorite 'My' intermediate position of the blind from (a selection of seperate remote control handsets of your choice.)

- Battery Pack to power motor (dependent on use 6 months to 2 years life expectancy), Clips to mount hidden behind headrail of blind.

- Crown & drive Adapters, Motor and Idle end brackets to mount either face or top fix.

-Min width 700mm, Max width 2000mm

-Recomended Max drop of 2400mm with 3kg of fabric


-Despatched 7-10 business days

-Prices include VAT @20%

- Perfect No Cords, No Chains, No Wires, No Safety Devices.  Just effortlessly beautiful roller blinds that can truely WOW and surpass any other Roller Blind Kit on the market today.

Wireless Control Options:

     .      Touch sensitive wall switch, no wiring or back box required

     .      Remote control handset, single or multiple blinds all at once

     .      Automatic timer, 6 different schedule functions for each of the 7 days a week, twilight and random variable holiday modes

     .      Sun and sun/temperature sensors - Open in Winter, Close in Summer, all control raising, your favourite mid height position and lowering.

Future proof:

No need to worry about upgrading what you ve previously purchased, no expensive engineer only specific laptop programming software.

RTS technology enables you to modify your own settings yourself, add extra blinds at any time, and extra controls, timers and sensors