As seen at 'Baccarats Highlights 2013' in Milan

Antonio Di Chiano creates Hotdoor, an innovative and futuristic infrared lamp that is designed to be customisable by the client to several different configurations and finishes.

Undoubtly the best looking outdoor heater in the world!

Designed with a  floral element, the IR lightly heats the skin, just like warm rays of sun.

- Immediate full heat when turned on.

- No emission of gas.

- No noise.

- No consumption of oxygen.

- No open flame.

- Standard power available 1500 W (about 16 square meter).

- Also available two different power options: 1300 W (about 12      square meter) and 2000 W (about 20 square meter).

- Resistance to water splashes and rain, suitable for outdoor, because of the IPX5 protection.

- 120 different configurable versions are available.

- Wall mounting, ceiling mountings, pedestals are available, with single or double stems, in black or white colours.

- The heater can be mounted both longitudinally and transversely.

- Heating angle can be adjusted with a movable joint.

- Infrared bulbs are from world leading brand Phillips with an average life of 5000 hrs.