Dazzling Window Coverings Re-Imagined

Marrying Radiant Optimistic Style with Innovative Function

The Epitome of Sophisticated Glamour and Convenience

Let your home work for you!  Providing you with energy efficiency and security.  At the touch of a button, even in the palm of your hand.

So imagine a home where the blinds close if the sun is too strong, a media room that closes the curtains, dims the lights and plays a movie at your perfect sound level.

Automatically raising and lowering blinds with lights coming on and off to simulate your presence, even when you re away from home or on holiday.

Removing potentially thousands of manual operational adjustments a year.  Then consider viewing this remotely via your mobile device, accessing your CCTV, even adjusting the thermostat of your heating, enabling you to control your home.

Smart Home Technology is an intelligent integration control, scalable, endlessly upgradable, simple and intuitive.