"Design is Not Just What it Looks Like and Feels Like

Design is How it Works"

   Steve Jobs - CEO Apple (1955 - 2011)



Choices to expand, mix and match at any time, adding automatically variable timers, light and even temperature sensors, enables your home to look fully occupied, even when your away or on holiday, providing you with added security deterrent and peace of mind


Since 1999, at least 33 deaths across the UK due to looped cords , 18 children since 2010! Later this year corded blind sales will be banned without an approved fixed cord restraight at must be no longer that 1500mm above the heighest standable level within reach of the blind

Fully automating your blinds completely removes this hazard

So if you have children, or have children visiting or even pets, we strongly recommend assessing your home for potentially fatal blind cords

In the meantime, keep babies, small children and pets away from corded blinds, ensure that cords and chains cannot be reached. Move cots, beds and furniture away from blinds so nobodycan climb near them. Alternatively, where possible fix a the cord to a fixed object


Ideal Thermal Solution for Period Homes

The bar chart shows the difference to U-value transfer on a single glazed window, up 40% less heat is lost through closed curtains and


Making automated window coverings ideal for historic or conservation properties, that are unable to modify their existing windows.


Identifies Heat Loses Infra-red technology, as is being used by the Fire Brigade to find human body heat in buildings, is also being used to identify areas of extreme heat loses

The picture shows two stores of a property, the 1st story of the property has no internal window coverings and you can clearly see the heat being lost via the red/yellow areas of the windows

The 2nd story does has window coverings closed and in comparison the areas of light blue show how highly effective they are at preventing heat being lost through it s windows


A building design with too much equator-facing glass can result in excessive winter, spring, or autumn day heating, uncomfortably bright living spaces at certain times of the year and excessive heat transfer on winter nights and summer days.

Although the sun is at the same altitude 6 weeks before and after solstice, the heating and cooling before and after the solstice are significantly different.  Heat storage on the Earth s surface causes  thermal lag .  Variable cloud cover influences solar gain potential.  This means that latitude specific fixed window overhangs, while important, are not a complete seasonal solar gain control solution.

Control mechanisms such as motorised interior blinds and curtains can compensate for the differences caused by thermal lag or cloud cover and help control daily/hourly solar gain requirement variations.

Sensors and Home Automation systems that monitor temperature, sunlight, time of day and room occupancy can precisely control motorised window shading devices.


Beautifully designed and intuitively simple, easy to hold handsets with clear buttons and even toggle wheels that can be adjusted between high and low sensitivity, are available as standard across the range.

These helps everybody take advantage of the benefits of automatic blinds and curtains.